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Prec-Tech specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of screws, special fasteners and CNC machined parts and is recognized globally for the quality and precision of its products.

Prec Tech Ind e Com de Artefatos de Metais Ltda, founded in 1973 by Mr. Luigi Scala, has its headquarters in Guarulhos, São Paulo, and 100% Brazilian private ownership. The company owns its HQ, which has a constructed area of 5000 square meters and is located only 15 minutes away from the Guarulhos International Airport with easy access to all main highways.

Its modern industrial plant utilizes state of the art technology and verticalized processes. It also has CNC machines with various capacities and axles, forging, roll threading, grinders, tooling, electroerosion and welding.

Prec-Tech utilizes reverse engineering and case studies supported by technical standards, designs and samples in order to technically and economically facilitate each project and guarantee safety and quality in the manufacturing of special and machined parts.

The constant investment in new facilities, tools and modern machinery allows the company to continuously seek improvement and apply new technologies in production processes, ensuring product quality to reach numerous market segments.

Prec-Tech’s infrastructure allows the company to offer personalized solutions that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Our leadership

Board of directors

Walter Luigi Scala

CEO/Technical Director

Helainy Luiza Scala G. Garcia

CFO/Administrative Director

Wana Aurora Scala Bosa

Commercial director

Mission, vision and values


Our mission is to provide services that integrate solutions, ensuring credibility, reliability and innovation, relying on modern machinery and equipment, well-prepared professionals, strategies and processes to accommodate and appease our customers and employees.


Our vision is to consolidate the work and efforts of our mission, based on our values, to strive for new business, establishing ourselves as a reference in the market while respecting the laws and regulations applicable to our field of activity and preserving the environment.


Our values are human resources development, innovation, transparency, ethics and sustainability.

P artnership
R esponsibility
E xcellency
C ompetence

T echnology
E fficiency
C ommitment
H onesty

Code of conduct

Prec-Tech‘s code of conduct guides and instructs associates on how to act when faced with antithetical actions, working towards its compliance.

  • Prec-Tech cherishes respect and honesty among our employees, building an environment that is healthy and free of bias, without any kind of prejudice.
  • Employees, clients and suppliers should constantly act with respect and ethics.
  • Prec-Tech expects complete clarity when dealing with clients, avoiding any interference or conflicts in the professional relationship.

Conduct and Ethics

Ethics and integrity are essential values for Prec-Tech, which follows conduct patterns on all of its actions. Following the guidelines, there are defined goals to follow and meet:

  • Acting justly and honestly in every moment and everything that is done.
  • Respecting others. That said, our collaborators, suppliers, service providers and clients are treated with complete respect and justice.
  • Building a healthy and respectful work environment that is free of bias, without any kind of prejudice.

Health, Security and Environment

Prec-Tech is concerned with the environment, preserving nature is synonymous with respect for others, for society and for you.
Prec-Tech’s environmental management started a Selective Collection Program with the goal of correctly sending each material to an adequate recycling facility, as well as encouraging an attitude change among the associates and developing a new relationship with the use of natural resources. The main objective is to promote critical thinking about the ethical responsibility that humanity has over the planet, inside and out the company. Prec-Tech understands it will be in sync with the environment and promoting social wellness when:
• it respects the requirements established by law;
• it learns to properly sort out its residues;
• it maintains the recycling program;
• it educates associates and the community.

Committed to the well-being of future generations, sustainability and the local community, Prec-Tech has internal environmental programs that aim at preserving nature with the help of specialized partners that carry out the selective collection and treatment of all industrial residues generated during the process.

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