Brazilian company that offers complete solutions for screws and special projects

We have been in the metallurgical industry since 1973, constantly growing and innovating in the distribution of fasteners and special parts.

Performance Areas

Prec-Tech operates in a wide range of industries, such as hydrogenation, wind power, automotive, electro electronic, metallurgy and capital goods. It also has prominence in the oil and gas sector, since it fulfils the most complex raw material specifications, heat treatment processes and coating. Check our performance areas on the right.

Prec-Tech strongly operates in the manufacturing of high resistance fasteners and structural nuts for coupling, as well as the production of CNC machined parts through norms, designs or samples.

Within the oil and gas industries, Prec-Tech mainly operates in the Subsea sector, the manufacturing of fasteners and structural nuts, which are highly resistant to corrosion in low temperatures, and small and medium-sized machined parts following the globally known API 20E e a API 20F rules.

The manufacturing of high maintenance fasteners and machined parts of high complexity and geometry are a highlight in the wind power sector.

Fasteners with high resistance to high temperature and pressure are a highlight for the metallurgy sector.

In the paper and cellulose market, Prec-Tech excels in the manufacturing of machined parts with high complexity and geometry, as well as fasteners and fatigue-resistant nuts.

Prec-Tech manufactures fasteners (screws, pad stud and stud) and nuts that are resistant to cyclical fatigue, destined to cargo vehicles.

In the nuclear energy industry, the manufacturing of high precision CNC machined parts with special alloys that are resistant to high temperatures.

Prec-Tech manufactures fasteners and nuts with high corrosion resistance and small and medium machined parts.


Prec-Tech’s products are manufactured using the latest technologies and adapted to the customers’ needs, from standard options to particular projects. Its partners are equally capable and qualified and the suppliers offer quality raw materials. Prec-Tech uses a range of materials, such as treated alloy steel, titanium alloys, stainless steel, zeron100, 17-4PH, nickel alloys, inconel alloys, duplex and super duplex, aluminum alloys, bronze, beryllium, copper and more.

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The industrial park includes machining centers, CNC turning and milling machines, roll threading (up to M130), centerless and flat grinding, conventional and automatic thermoforming press, tool room, stamping, electroerosion, building, recording, boiler room, lab with high precision 3D measuring, among others.



For Prec-Tech, certifications according to globally accepted industry standards and the quality management system are the main points to ensure, meet and satisfy the needs of our customers.

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